Tejoury manages your records through electronic, physical, & destruction services

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The provider of complete records and information management solutions. Tejoury aspires to be a credible, trustworthy and professional partner for businesses who want to be sure their information is properly protected, managed, accessible and retrievable

Tejoury’smission is to provide secure, flexible and efficient records and information management services reflected through:

  • Managing and protecting client’s records and information as if it is ours.
  • Delivering reliable, responsive and flexible service.
  • Providing real, practical and practicable solutions.

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Tejoury strives to increase value to its clients by partnering with globally renowned companies. Tejoury’s service delivery relies on its ability to bring best of bread hardware and software to bear. Some of our most notable partners are:

Why Work with Tejoury?

Information is an organization’s central resource and business records are operational and,sometimes, strategic business assets.

The business of information services management is becoming more and more complex, costly and voluminous. Companies are increasingly compelled to consider alternative methods for managing and operating their information management function to enhance effectiveness as well as to improve efficiency of operations. One alternative that is increasingly being adopted is to contract and outsource all or part of the records management function with a dedicated commercial records services management company.

Tejoury provides a full range of basic and advanced records management solutions including confidential and safe handling of records, secure storage facilities, efficient and fast delivery through both physical and online methods, imaging and records management software, document destruction and records management training. All of which factor in the value-driven service which, in effect, lower operating costs, improve productivity, create more value from information assets and reduce corporate legal compliance, business and disaster exposure.

A credible, secure, efficient and flexible records management service delivery will provide a real and viable option.