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Almost every professional organization will have a disaster recovery backup plan in place. This usually entails keeping a set of backup data tapes in case that the company’s data system gets hacked.

Do you have any backup tapes at your office? If that’s the case, where do you keep them? For various reasons, it makes sense to consider an off-site secure tape storage solution given the need for backup data storage and protection.

What to look for in an off-site storage facility and service provider, as well as why backup tapes are so important.

To prevent their corporate data from loss, several companies keep backup tapes on hand.

Many disasters can cause serious damage to your business within a few minutes. These disasters can be fires or accidents such as a water pipe explosion or a high voltage electricity surge. That is why you should be prepared to recover from such disasters because it is very important to your business.

Cost-effective backup solution

Most companies go for a secure combination of digital and tape backups. Old companies that have been around since the invention of cloud storage will still need to maintain their backup tapes well to meet data protection compliance.

Tape backups are still a very cost-effective solution for many business owners.

Just to be on the safe side, most companies will go for a safe combination of digital and data tape backup. Many of the well-established legacy companies have been around long before the invention of cloud storage and other alternative data storage solutions. will still need to keep their backup tapes well protected to meet the company’s data protection compliance.

Therefore, it makes sense to look closely at good off-site backup tape storage facilities and service providers.

There are many other advantages to using a secure offsite tape storage service like ours. One of the key advantages is knowing that internal security personnel is continuously monitoring your critical business data.

Confidentiality, efficiency, and excellent security are all values we hold. We realize how difficult it is for you to handle and preserve your company’s sensitive and secret data. It’s challenging to run a profitable business while also trying to keep every piece of sensitive data of your organization obtains safe and secure.


Our backup tape storage services include the following:

  • Secure storage with surveillance cameras and security access systems available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Controlled temperature and humidity in a stable environment
  • Securing by suppression system from data breaches and theft.


All our data storage facilities are extremely secured, both physically and technologically. Most important thing is that only authorized people can access the facilities.


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