Fixed Asset Management Services

We have been adding and delivering value to our clients by enhancing their operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our growth and pre-eminent position in this sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide a testament to our value proposition. Since we opened for business in 2006, our growth and client retention are second to none.

Tejoury has allowed its customers to meet their requirements in identifying and managing their fixed assets. 

Tejoury can provide your organization with a full solution to automate your daily transaction and tracking your assets.

Tracking Fixed Assets

Tejoury fixed asset management solution that offers you a methodical approach to maintaining, updating, and managing your physical assets. This solution allows you to conduct thorough and cost-effective physical audits while also ensuring efficient inventory management.

Our Work Process

Information Gathering:

First Phase of the project, during it the team will have a clear picture of the location’s structure and the nature of the assets they will deal with.

Creating Master Data:

The Fixed Asset Catalog stores structural and descriptive information associated with each asset and is used to standardize its information and reduce source data entry.

Physical Count and Tagging: 

In this phase the responsibility of the teams will be to tag and register all existing assets on the ground and fill in all required information, this process will be guided by the catalog as the main reference for them.


In this phase, the main goal is to give a clear picture of the assets and to match it with the client’s existing financial data to enable.

Assets Evaluation: 

Asset valuation is the process of determining the current value of a company’s assets, such as stocks, buildings, equipment, brands, goodwill, etc.

This process often happens as part of a wider business valuation, or before you buy, sell or insure an asset.

Fixed Asset Management Benefits

  • Organize Assets
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Cost-saving


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Multidisciplinary Approach by Tejoury

Our Certifications

Tejoury is ISO 9001 Certified
Tejoury is ISO 27001 Certified