Archival Management

Tejoury Document Storage Solutions specializes in providing secure and reliable storage for your organization's valuable records. Our services are designed to ensure dependable security and swift access to all your documents. We understand that efficient document management is crucial to your business operations, hence we offer streamlined solutions that enhance information security and retrieval processes.

Our comprehensive archival management includes a variety of sub-services tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses:

Archival Document Storage
Safeguard your historical records in a secure, climate-controlled environment.

Active File Management
Ensure easy access to frequently used files with our organized storage solutions.

Record Storage Cartons
Protect and organize your documents in high-quality, durable storage cartons.

Offsite Document Storage
Store your documents securely offsite to optimize space and enhance security.

Scan Documents on Demand
Access digital versions of your physical documents quickly upon request.

Data Advisory Services
Receive expert advice on managing your data storage and compliance requirements.

Documents Collection and Delivery
Convenient, timely pick-up and delivery of your documents as needed.

Mail Room & Indexing
Efficient sorting, indexing, and management of your mail and documents.

Warehouse Management
Sophisticated warehouse solutions to manage and optimize storage of vast quantities of documents.

Additional Benefits of Tejoury Document Storage Solutions

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that your document storage practices comply with legal requirements. Our facilities and services are designed to meet industry standards, helping you maintain necessary regulatory compliance.

Optimal Storage Conditions

Tejoury's facilities are designed to mitigate risks like humidity, fire, and flooding, providing a safe environment for your documents.

Assistance with Transition

We offer comprehensive support when transitioning your documents to our facilities, including cataloguing, indexing, and transportation, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.