Business Process Outsourcing

At Tejoury, our technology consultants are dedicated to transforming your business by merging deep business insights with a comprehensive understanding of how technology influences industries and business models.

Tejoury provides clients with secure and reliable methods to conduct their business processes, ensuring optimal performance regardless of location. Our expert team is committed to delivering premier services that drive successful business growth. With years of experience in business process outsourcing (BPO), Tejoury’s BPO Solutions strive for 100% client satisfaction by achieving desired outcomes. Our selectively recruited staff are highly trained and skilled, allowing you to concentrate on your core functions while we manage critical business processes.

BPO Service Line Workflow Management

Our BPO service line includes specialized workflow management components tailored to enhance operational efficiency:

KYC (Know Your Customer)
Comprehensive identity checks to ensure client authenticity.

Streamlined electronic KYC processes for faster customer onboarding.

Document Validation & Verification
Rigorous checks to guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of documents.

Efficient management of lease agreements and related processes.

Digital solutions for managing auto leases, enhancing speed and accessibility.

Current Challenges and Solutions
Organizations today face a range of challenges, including economic uncertainty, market complexity, intense competition, evolving consumer expectations, and regulatory pressures.

Areas We Can Assist

Finance & Accounting




Human Resources

Benefits of Tejoury’s BPO Services

State-of-the-Art Process & Technology Resources

Partnering with a BPO provider keeps your business technologically current without the associated high costs, as your BPO partner continually updates their practices and tools.

Business Classification in Document Management

Our services include categorizing your documents in a way that enhances accessibility and compliance, streamlining your document management processes.