Consultation & Advisory Services

Tejoury leverages its extensive experience and strong affiliations to provide comprehensive support in various areas including mailroom management, document workflow design, storage systems consulting, archive layout design, location fire and safety audits, filing system assessments, and retention policy studies. Our records management consultancy services are dedicated to identifying and establishing tailored document management solutions that meet your specific needs.

Key Elements of Tejoury's Records Management Consultancy Services

Gap Analysis

We conduct thorough evaluations to identify discrepancies between current practices and industry best practices, providing a clear path for improvement.

Storage Facilities & Standards

Tejoury ensures that your document storage solutions meet the highest standards of security and efficiency.

Retention Schedule

We help develop a strategic plan that dictates how long each type of record is retained based on legal requirements and business needs.

Business Classification in Document Management

Our services include categorizing your documents in a way that enhances accessibility and compliance, streamlining your document management processes.