Government Services

Tejoury's commitment to supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 encompasses a comprehensive suite of strategic and operational services tailored to enhance government agencies' document and information management systems. These services are specifically designed to align with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030, ensuring efficient, secure, and compliant government operations.

Tejoury's Services for Supporting Vision 2030


Strategic consulting services to assist government agencies in aligning their document management practices with the Vision 2030 objectives.

Document Management System

A robust system tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies, featuring capabilities for document creation, storage, retrieval, and secure access control.

Correspondence System

An integrated solution for managing all government correspondence, ensuring efficient tracking, categorization, and archiving of communications.

Data Tape Storage

Cost-effective and secure storage solutions for data tapes, catering to backup and long-term preservation needs.

Secure Destruction

Services to ensure safe and compliant destruction of sensitive documents at the end of their lifecycle.

Record Center Building, Setup, Racking Systems

Expertise in designing and implementing physical record centers, including efficient racking systems.

Automated Record Center

Automation solutions that streamline document management processes within record centers, reducing manual efforts and increasing accuracy.

Secured Document Relocation

Secure and organized services for relocating government documents, ensuring safe and efficient transfer.