Tejoury Acquired Archivey

Tejoury, a PRISM International member and the first RIM service provider to obtained Privacy+ Certification in Saudi Arabia, has announced the acquisition of Archivey – a well-known records management company in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Established in 2006, Archivey has developed and grown rapidly during the last few years and has several clients in the banking, insurance, and educational sectors. As part of Tejoury’s expansion strategy they have acquired Archivey to expand their operations in the GCC region, transforming Tejoury into an international records management company and enforcing its position in the regional market.

Tejoury is a specialized records and information management company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the requisite facilities, processes, and personnel.  They opened for business in 2007 and now manage millions of physically archived records in 26 facilities across the Kingdom.

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