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Tejoury Operates within strict legal and ethical guidelines. We care about our clients and build long-term relationships with them. Since 2007, we have been entrusted to develop and implement their information management needs. We forge close and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners. We attract, train, develop and strive to satisfy and retain quality employees. We continue to exploit technology and to advance our records management expertise. Tejoury has the people, systems, and processes necessary to manage and operate in a class of its own.

Why Work with Tejoury?

Information is an organization’s central resource and business records are operational and sometimes, strategic business assets. The business of information services management is becoming more and more complex, costly and voluminous. Companies are increasingly compelled to consider alternative methods for managing and operating their information management function to enhance effectiveness as well as to improve the efficiency of operations. One alternative that is increasingly being adopted is to contract and outsource all or part of the records management function with a dedicated commercial records services management company.

Tejoury provides a full range of basic and advanced records management solutions including confidential and safe handling of records, secure storage facilities, efficient and fast delivery through both physical and online methods, imaging and records management software, document destruction and records management training. All of these factor in the value-driven service which, in effect, lower operating costs, improve productivity, create more value from information assets and reduce corporate legal compliance, business and disaster exposure.

Tejoury’s Holistic Approach

Multidisciplinary Approach by Tejoury

Companies today are more heavily regulated than ever, they need solid partners that can help them navigate these requirements. Tejoury follows a multidisciplinary approach in identifying the required processes, systems, and personnel that help their clients meet these challenges by:

  • Assessing – We start with understanding the current state of your organization requirements in terms of people, process, and the supporting tools. We also carefully consider and identify problem areas and potential areas for improvement.
  • Developing – We develop a plan for improving these activities and processes by leveraging our deep knowledge of the information lifecycle and bringing the required resources and tools to bear.
  • Managing – Executing the plan is a critical step in meeting the desired goals. At Tejoury we pride ourselves in taking full responsibility of not only implementing a new environment, system or process, but managing the service and bearing the responsibility of meeting the defined goals form an operational perspective.
  • Auditing – When we’ve embarked on a project we consistently monitor the operational performance and continually adjust our processes to maintain optimal delivery.
  • Organizing – Transparent reporting is often one of the neglected components of projects. Tejoury strives to continually provide actionable information to its clients that allows them to monitor deliverables as well as often times gain insight from information that would otherwise not be available.

The Tejoury Vision

Transform the way organizations develop and manage their processes

The Tejoury Mission

Tejoury’s mission is to provide Innovative and value adding Processing capacity, Reliable

Storage Management, and Efficient Digital Transformation

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Multidisciplinary Approach by Tejoury

Our Certifications

Tejoury is ISO 9001 Certified
Tejoury is ISO 27001 Certified