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Wikipedia suggests that “A backup rotation scheme is a system of backing up data to computer media (such as tapes) that minimizes, by re-use, the number of media used. The scheme determines how and when each piece of removable storage is used for a backup job and how long it is retained once it has backup data stored on it. Different techniques have evolved over time to balance data retention and restoration needs with the cost of extra data storage media. Such a scheme can be quite complicated if it takes incremental backups, multiple retention periods, and off-site storage into consideration.”

Offsite Media Storage Requires Competent Rotation

With Tejoury’s offsite media rotation services, you can rest easy knowing that our qualified representatives will safely and securely collect, and then transport your media to our storage facility and back to you when you need it most.

Whether you utilize tapes, hard drives, compact disks, or any other form of backup media, Tejoury has the tools and experience necessary to fulfill this need.

Whether you use a First In – First Out,  Tower of Hanoi or Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme, Tejoury can accommodate a collection and rotation schedule to support your unique situation.

If you simply require a weekly case rotation that has no other requirements, we would be happy to support your requirements.

Media Rotation Services

Tejoury will send a uniformed associate to your office to retrieve the media that you wish to store in a safe, offsite environment.  If we are supporting an active tape program, we employ lockable cases to deter tampering and protect the media from debris and foreign contaminants.  The cases are shock and impact resistant and protect from temperature and humidity extremes.

Alternately, we provide cases for weekly or monthly rotations for small to mid-sized businesses managing their own rotations.

Regardless of what you want to store offsite, we have a case to suit your needs.

Media Tracking

The last thing anyone wants to do is add more work to their routine, but tracking your media is as important to the process as encryption is to tape security.  They go hand in hand.  To streamline the tracking of the rotation and vaulting process, Tejoury scans your media at every stage of its rotation process. If we touch it, we scan it in order to create and sustain an audit of every activity we do related to your backup tapes.

if you are interested in discussing your offsite media rotation needs and how we might help you, please fill in the form on this page or call us to begin the conversation.


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