One-Time Shred Purges

Tejoury collects files for shred purge project

A one-time shredding service is ideal for organizations that need paper documents that have reached their retention. This one-time shredding service can be requested once, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annually. There isn’t a minimum box requirement—we’ll help businesses shred one box or thousands of boxes. That’s just part of Saudi Arabia’s best shredding company policy.

There are many great reasons to request a one-time purge shredding service

  • Security. The more outdated files and documents you have at your office, the more your company is at risk for data breaches, disorganization, and corporate identity theft.
  • Document Retention. Many documents and records only need to be kept for a set period of time. After that, it is important to shred and destroy these documents.
  • Facility Move. An office move or transfer is a perfect time to purge documents that are no longer needed.
  • Annual File Clean Out. Your annual year-end cleaning will likely result in documents and files that you will need to discard. It is important to use a professional shredding service to discard of your paper documents, rather than throw them in the garbage so that all of your confidential information gets properly destroyed.

Prompt and Convenient One Time Purge Shredding Near You

Don’t wait to have your confidential documents destroyed. Tejoury offers prompt scheduling for one-time shredding projects. Whether you have five or five hundred boxes of files and documents, tell us your desired purge shredding timeframe and we make sure your documents are destroyed promptly.

We offer a variety of shredding collection containers that are placed in your office for easy and secure collection of your sensitive files before the purge, including:

  • Office consoles
  • 65-gallon shredding bins
  • 95-gallon shredding bin

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