Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Whatever your business goal, we make it work, with you and for you, bringing a passion for reliability, value, and performance.

Tejoury applies extensive processing capabilities-using our industry acumen, the data we manage for clients, and our knowledge of your organization to improve your operational throughput.

Tejoury provides clients in the Kingdom with safe and secure means of conducting their business processes, with our team of experts, we ensure that no matter where you may be, you are provided with the best of services that help you move towards successful business growth.

Tejoury BPO Solutions has years of experience in the field of business process outsourcing and aims to attain 100% client satisfaction by providing them with outcomes that are sure to please.

Our carefully chosen staff is experienced at what they do. As you focus on other important parts and processes of your business, our hired staff does the work for you.

Both private and public organizations are wrestling with unprecedented challenges: economic uncertainty, market complexity, hyper-competition, changing consumer expectations and regulatory pressures. They are looking to next-generation business process outsourcing (BPO) for solutions.


  1. Cost Reduction – Businesses that are able to reduce labor costs themselves may not need to consider BPO. Seeing as this is a very small group, most companies should be considering BPO as a means of controlling their financial integrity for the future.
  2. Focus on Your Business – BPO allows a business to hand over non-core business processes, such as check writing and check printing services, EDI, rebate fulfillment, third party billing, barcode labels, etc. to an outside provider. In doing so, this allows you to focus on your organization’s core competencies.
  3. Improved Productivity – Because business process outsourcing companies have chosen to make your non-core business processes their primary focus, they are able to invest in the technology, process-improvements, staff training, and other resources necessary to achieve a much higher level of process expertise and success. Improved quality, efficiency and turnaround time results in better service for your customers and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  4. Access to State-of-the-Art Process and Technology Resources – Choosing to work with a BPO company means that your business will remain current in terms of technology and innovation without taking on the high costs for software platforms, cutting-edge technology capabilities, staff hiring and training. A strategic business process outsourcing partner will stay up-to-date on best business practices and innovations in equipment and software with a goal of continuous improvement of your processes over the life of your contract. In the end, the BPO business invests in these cutting-edge capabilities while your business reaps the rewards of such innovation without needing to invest in such capabilities yourself.
  5. Ability to Reassign Resources – Think of all the office and warehouse space you have dedicated to mail center activities, check writing and check printing services, rebate fulfillment, third party billing, etc., and the storage space required for paper records. Now think about how your business would function and the cost-savings it would incur should you shift that over to an outsourcing provider. Reassigning resources has the potential to boost our core, profit-producing business exponentially.

If you require a BPO solution for your business, please contact us today. Use the form on this page or call us to request a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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