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The Tejoury Records Storage & Management Facility

At Tejoury, our storage facilities are designed to support and protect your information, records and data at the highest possible level. Each of our facilities employ industry leading security and protection technology including fire, intrusion and other related programs to support the long term stability of your records or data assets. Here are some of the specific details.


Using CCTV has evolved from being a traditional security system to assisting in many aspects of emergency records management and response. The benefits that closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has brought to the records management are plentiful. Tejoury has been able to protect the facilities and provide Clients with a higher level of protection and security. All Tejoury Facilities are monitored by a high-quality CCTV Cameras that covers every single angle of the facility.

Perimeter Fencing

Every Facility that belongs to Tejoury has a perimeter security fence and the back gate is kept locked at all times. The front gate and car park gate are open during the loading and unloading activities

Access Control

Accessing Tejoury Facilities is controlled and provided by a well-trained security staff, Only Authorized personnel can access the facilities, each authorized personnel should have an ID card mentioning the name, the position and the department.

Tejoury Team Security Services, through the Access Coordinator and Security, are responsible for the overall approval and management of access to Tejoury facilities.

Granting access will be managed to provide protection to Tejoury’s records management facilities whilst continuing to assist in the provision of a safe and efficiently run environment that contributes towards meeting the global records management standards. As a further safety measure, Tejoury’s Security Staff may, from time to time, undertake spot checks of persons on site to ensure that only approved card holders are on site.

Fire Prevention And Control

Fire safety risk assessment is an organized and methodical look at Tejoury’s premises, the activities within the premises, the potential for a fire to occur and the harm it could cause to the records in and around the premises. The existing fire safety measures are evaluated and kept under review to establish whether they are adequate or if more requires to be done. The premises should be critically examined to identify any potential accidents and any acts or omissions which might allow a fire to start. This should include possible opportunities for deliberate ignition.

All Tejoury’s Premises are designed to minimize fire risk. That includes having walls, floors and roofs that are fire-resistant. Walls, for example, ought to be rated for containing a blaze at least two to four hours. Doors should have a Class A rating. Sources of heat or flammable materials should be kept away from files. Furnishings made of combustible materials are best kept at a minimum. Fire detectors can pick up flames or heat from a fire. Fire alarms provide early warning for Tejoury facilities to ensure greater safety for all records in the facility. The fire detectors installed in Tejoury’s Facilities provide additional protection whether inhabitants are inside the dwelling at the time of the alarm or not.

Another important firefighting technique that Tejoury apply in all facilities is using Fire suppression sprinklers between all the racks, which discharge water when a fire is detected. automatic Fire suppression sprinklers are considered the most reliable and efficient way to fight a fire.

Fire suppression sprinklers are designed to use as little water as needed to contain or extinguish a fire. as well, each sprinkler works independently, deploying only where and when needed, which further restricts water to the site of the blaze. All Fire suppression sprinklers systems are inspected and monitored to avoid leaks or failures.

Racking Systems

At Tejoury in partnership with the best racking systems manufactures around the world, have been designing and supervise record archive storage systems for over 10 years. During that time, we have developed a reputation for innovative design, integrity, and timely delivery. As a result, numerous major commercial record centers across the Kingdom have selected us as their exclusive record storage system supplier.

We subscribe to and support the policies of the International Warehouse and Logistics), Professional Record and Information Services Management (PRISM International), and the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

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