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Processing and distributing physical mail has always been a slow, labor-intensive process prone to error — while the growth in digital correspondence has presented new challenges for the consolidation of data from multiple sources.

As a result, an increasing number of company mailrooms are discovering they don’t have the resources, the technology or the experience to support wider business objectives.

Tejoury’s digital mailroom service is a multi-channel managed platform that digitizes incoming mail, distributes it to geographically diverse users and archives the customer interaction. The service can reduce costs, improve customer response times and help organizations comply with regulatory requirements.

Your Mailroom is the Perfect Place to Go Digital!

For clients who want to keep their mailroom processing in-house but are interested in finding a better, more efficient way to keep pace with their incoming volume, we offer Mailroom Automation Solutions by combining best-of-breed technologies from our partners with the experience that comes from running our own mailroom operations and many related BPO functions. We deliver solutions that produce an immediate return on investment for our clients.

For many organizations, the digital mailroom solution significantly reduces the cost of handling the high volume of paper they receive every day. Scanned mail can be entered into a workflow system for organizations to easily re-route the mail to another recipient or recipients. The process also provides an instant document archive for online access at a later date.

Outsource Your Mailroom and Never Miss Deadlines Again

Tired of throwing away money on late fees because bills get lost in the shuffle of your high volume mailroom? Impatient with paper-based approval processes that take weeks to complete? Switch to a digital mailroom and let us take care of the opening, sorting, and managing.

Once we receive your mail at our secure document scanning facility, we open, scan, and index it, then route it right to the recipient for review, approval, and processing – digitally.

Let us handle your:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Membership Applications
  • Employment Applications
  • Insurance Processes
  • Legal Documents

How a Digital Mailroom Helps Your Company

  • Save time by expediting  document processing
  • Electronically route mail throughout your organization for review and approval, even to remote workers.
  • Save space by reducing the office area required to receive process, sort, and deliver high volumes of paper
  • Eliminate satellite mailrooms and centralize receipt and processing
  • Strengthen document security and confidentiality
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced mail
  • Never worry about overflowing inboxes

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