Archival Document Storage

Archival Document Storage by Tejoury
Are you looking for a secure, efficient and affordable document storage solution for your confidential business records?

Let Tejoury help. Our records storage and management service prevents unauthorized access to your files, reduces bottlenecks in your document management processes, and ensures regulatory compliance for your organization. We transfer your documents from your office or storage facility to our records center free of charge and provide everything you need for a secure and reliable records management solution, including:

  • Barcode labels
  • File storage cartons
  • Secure online document management software

In our records center, our records management personnel professionally organize and index your documents to your requirements. Each file box is anonymously stored on a high-density racking unit, identified only by barcode and tracked in our inventory management system for instant accessibility. You can request files and documents from our records center anytime. Our pick-up and delivery options include:

  • Scheduled pick-up and delivery
  • Same-day, next-day and priority rush service
  • Weekend, holiday and after-hours file access

Secure, Off-Site Document Storage

We’re committed to keeping your confidential information safe and secure. From the moment your records leave your premises, they are protected with a strict chain of custody. We use GPS-tracked vehicles to pick-up and deliver your documents. Our records center is a high-security, purpose-built document storage facility designed with the latest technology and monitoring equipment, such as:

  • External perimeter security
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Smoke, fire and water flow alarms

Access to our records center is limited to Tejoury staff, all of whom are screened, bonded and insured.

Document Storage and End-To-End Records Management

Tejoury offers a complete lifecycle management solution for your archival and active documents. Your records are tracked with our state-of-the-art barcode system, and advanced inventory management software makes it easy to review, edit and update your retention schedules anytime. Our secure web portal lets you create a variety of customized inventory reports and request pickup and delivery of your documents online. We notify you when your records reach their final disposition date so you can choose to have them securely shredded right here in our facility for the utmost in information security.

To learn more about Tejoury document storage and records management service, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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