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Your company’s records are among your most valuable assets. You need to be confident about dependable security and reliable access to your information. Many companies invest huge resources in building internal archival storage capability, yet retrieval is slow and files are often misplaced. Tejoury provides a more efficient solution through its document storage service.

Tejoury is the leader in the management, storage, and protection of archival records for organizations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Secure Records Management and Archival Storage

At Tejoury, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ confidential information secure and impeccably managed. Your documents are stored in our records center—a purpose-built facility featuring advanced security systems such as:

  • Internal and external surveillance
  • Secured entrance doors
  • Zoned, in-rack fire sprinklers

We use specially-designed, high-density shelving units to keep your records safe and organized. Our screened, fully trained records management staff indexes, inventories and verifies your records inventory. Strict chain of custody procedures are followed when handling, organizing and delivering your documents and files.

Your records storage boxes are identified by barcode only, and your boxes are separated and stored in different locations throughout our records center. No one can identify your company’s records just by looking at the boxes on our shelves. The location of each box is recorded in our records management software so the retrieval process is quick but your information stays secure.

Reliable and Efficient Records Management

Tejoury can manage your records more securely, accurately and efficiently than any of our competitors. You are given access to our advanced document management center software for continuous tracking of your files. Every document and file you store with us can be given a unique barcode so you have a comprehensive records inventory and document audit trail. We offer a secure web link that lets you:

  • View your records online
  • Assign retention schedules
  • Create customized reports
  • Verity and schedule secure document shredding

Everything you need to support your corporate document management program is just a click away. You can order materials and request pickup and delivery of your documents at any time. Whether after-hours, on a weekend, or during a holiday, your documents are delivered in as little as one hour. Our dedicated team is always here to make sure you receive prompt, courteous and knowledgeable customer service.

For more information about our records management services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

How It Works

Store your documents safely at Tejoury data facilities and you will gain better control, improve security and reduce costs. Tejoury’s On-line Access System allows you to make searches and order retrieval 24/7. Barcode technology ensures 100% accuracy and our dedicated team of couriers deliver on time, every time.

For urgent requests, we will retrieve, scan and email a pdf of your document instantly. Every transaction is entered on to a database for complete accountability.

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Our Certifications

Tejoury is ISO 9001 Certified
Tejoury is ISO 27001 Certified