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Slow processing, regular frustration in retrieving files, incomplete information, and duplicate work: These are killers of productivity. They can also mean customer service nightmares for a business just trying to stay competitive.

So automating the management of these documents is tremendously valuable. That’s where ECM comes in.

Workflow Is The Secret Sauce of ECM

While having a structured repository for your business documents increases productivity, the real opportunity for your organization to excel is to assure operational efficiencies by rapidly moving information through your business processes. With this approach you streamline cumbersome, manual activities that are typically required but do not provide much added value to the organization or your customers considering the amount of time spent on them.

In Enterprise Content Management language, this is called workflow. The goal of effective workflow is to let your high value staff concentrate on high-value tasks.

Think about your hiring process. When a candidate fills out an electronic application, the application flows through a structured review and rating process. If further detail or information is required like a copy of a resume, work visa, driver’s license, or a background check, this process is all automated by a workflow engine that moves to the next step once all each hiring document and step has been received.

Imagine this kind of capability working in your accounting, legal, customer service and sales departments.

Workflow Implementation Services by Tejoury

Workflow implementation helps you to automate business processes, matching specific work tasks and related document requirements with the workers best suited to accomplish them. Once they’re finished with their work, the task is automatically moved along to the person best suited for the next step.

Here are four signs you need a workflow solution:

  • Your employees spend too much time on low-value tasks (searching for documents, waiting for or manually transferring paper or digital files, losing critical documents, or often duplicating work)
  • Some of your employees are overwhelmed with tasks, while others are idle
  • Decision makers cause bottlenecks in the process because they must be involved but are frequently  unavailable

Think in terms of electronic forms, digital files, corporate or client documents, and any additional data collection as work processes move from step to step in your organization. You may need to store critical e-mail communication pertaining to the task at hand. There may be automated status updates to workers or customers warning them when something is falling behind schedule. Whatever it is, workflow implementation can be a great asset to you.

Think about the ability to harness these systems to make work assignments based on workload, monitor employee productivity and make adjustments as necessary. Imagine the improved customer experience that could be provided by reducing your response times from days to minutes. Imagine doubling the size of your business without doubling the operational overhead. These are the kinds of outcomes our customers have experienced using workflow automation and implementation.

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