Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster and Data loss can occur at any time—often when you least expect it—and can be caused by any number of circumstances, including:

  • Hardware failures
  • Software corruption
  • Human error or deliberate data sabotage
  • Viruses and malware
  • Power failures
  • Flood, fire and theft

The more quickly you can restore your vital information, the less downtime and overall impact on your business operations. Having the right systems and procedures in place enables you to replenish your critical data in optimal time.

Rest Easy—Tejoury Can Help

Tejoury’s disaster recovery services allow your business to respond confidently through the worst imaginable data loss scenario.

As data protection specialists, we combine preventative solutions for safeguarding your information with infrastructure and technology that facilitates quick and reliable data restoration in the event of a disaster. We support your disaster recovery and business continuity objectives by assessing your IT needs and designing a customized plan for the restoration of your critical data.

Protection, Preservation and Immediate Access to Your Data

Our offsite data storage and tape rotation services ensure that your critical backup data is stored in the best possible environment for long-term protection and preservation. We’ve designed a maximum security media vault equipped with the following features to safeguard your backup assets:

  • Climate monitoring and regulation
  • Strict access control
  • Continuous digital surveillance
  • Fire suppression and detection

Barcode tracking technology integrates with our inventory management database to provide location and retrieval of your media inventory at any time. In the event of a data loss emergency, your critical data is delivered directly to you by a screened Tejoury team member in an alarmed, GPS-tracked vehicle. We offer our clients:

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Expedited delivery
  • Transfer of critical data to a pre-approved hot site
  • File recovery

To find out more about our data recovery support solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

Ensure your critical business information can be recovered quickly and efficiently in order to minimize downtime and keep your business running.

The Tejoury DR Plan

Tejoury’s unique approach to data recovery enables us to create a plan and process based on the response required by your organization. With Tejoury you have the expertise, Kingdom footprint and infrastructure you can rely on in the event of a disaster.

  • Be confident in the ability to recover critical business data within the SLAs your business requires
  • When you partner with Tejoury your disaster recovery plan is ready to be initiated when you need it, to ensure your systems are up and active quickly
  • Tejoury can help you build a comprehensive disaster recovery program that leverages cloud-based and traditional offsite media storage components based on your unique situation and structure
  • We’ll help build it, and then test your customized disaster response program. We want you to be confident you’ll recover critical business information when you need it.

Our Disaster Recovery Support experts can:

  • Help you explore different disaster scenarios and the implications each can have on your business and your customers
  • Run through real-world testing, define a set of priority data and media
  • Establish a remote vault for that priority data – with the ultimate goal of helping you be prepared

Be fully prepared with a planned, validated and proven disaster recovery plan

When disaster strikes you need an actionable plan to get your organization operating properly again. Are you sure you’re prepared?

Before disaster hits, you need to know that you’re ready with a disaster recovery plan. Having a disaster recovery plan is key, but if it’s not properly tested and assessed based on the unique needs of your business, you could still be in jeopardy.

Tejoury can give you the confidence that your DR plan will function as intended, keeping your information protected and getting you back up and running fast. With Tejoury, you can test and assess your plan and then make modifications based on the advice of experts.

From this, you’ll learn the steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that your plan is going to be effective in returning your organization to complete operation quickly and with minimal data loss.

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