Collection Containers

Secure Destruction Doesn’t Exist Without Secure Collection

There should be a “place for everything and everything in its place.”  These words are never truer than when they refer to secure documents that are being collected for destruction.

During collection, your records, if not stored properly, are open to prying eyes on the inside of your organization, and to any visitors or vendors who access your premises.  Anyone who can get to your documents can access your vital information, leaving you vulnerable, both by having your information exposed and for violations of compliance and confidentiality duties owed to your clients.

Secure, Out of Sight & Out of Reach

That’s why our locking security containers don’t just store documents and media—they store it out of sight and out of reach of anyone and everyone who might happen to pass by.  Records and media can be added in to the receptacle, but are then securely out of sight and out of reach with no exceptions.

Secure Collection Consoles


Our collection consoles are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing so they melt into the background in any office or industrial setting, featuring smooth surfaces and coordinated colors. they are easily maneuverable and fit through narrow doorways without a problem.

Tejoury will deliver as many empty consoles as you need on your schedule and at no up-front cost to you—you are billed only when the console bags are picked up for transport to our facility to be destroyed according your specifications.

Secure Collection Carts

The Large Collection Cart has a capacity of XX litres, which is equal to about 130 kilograms of paper.  These containers work best in high volume areas like near the photocopier or in the mail room.

The Medium Cart is for lower volume areas. It has a capacity of XX litres and holds up to 90 kilograms of paper.

  • With the Tejoury security cart, you can be sure that documents “for your eyes only” are securely disposed of.
  • After you’ve reviewed a sensitive document, simply slide it through a slit in the security cart’s lid.
  • The cart’s sturdy built-in lock ensures the document cannot be retrieved without a key. EVER.
  • Just 24 1/2” wide, this efficient cart easily maneuvers in tight office spaces, through doorways and onto elevators.

To request a secure place within your place to collect documents and media destined for destruction, contact us today!

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