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Tejoury provides a wide range of information and document management, storage, security and digital transformation services to meet your needs and requirements. At Tejoury, we know one size does NOT fit all.

That is why our wide range of information and document-related services offer our clients the best possible solutions.

From shredding some archival documents to implementing multi-location document workflow processes, Tejoury has the combined experience, state-of-the-art technology, and highly trained staff to provide a unique combination of services and solutions that generate superior results for a wide variety of industries.

Since our inception, Tejoury has serviced a wide range of industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. These include but are not limited to:

  • Banking and financial services sector
  • Medical and healthcare sector
  • Government and government agencies
  • Insurance and re-insurance entities
  • Corporate and business, from local to international
  • Telecommunications organizations
  • Audit and consulting firms

The experiences gained across these wide ranging industries will provide you a high level of confidence in our ability to create and manage a unique solution for you in whatever industry or sector you are in.

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Multidisciplinary Approach by Tejoury

Our Certifications

Tejoury is ISO 9001 Certified
Tejoury is ISO 27001 Certified