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Don’t Take the Risk of Relying on an Office Shredder When You Can Use A Secure Shredding Service

Concern about privacy protection, compliance with laws, and identity theft is at the heart of doing business today. Every day, employees handle and discard information that should be destroyed. Unfortunately, each year, a significant number of data breaches occur as a direct result of the improper disposal of documents. Many companies wrongly resort to in-office paper shredding machines in an attempt to prevent sensitive information from being compromised. Yet, in-office shredding machines fall short due to:

  • Being slow and inefficient
  • Paper jams and other malfunctions
  • Only a few documents can be shredded at a time
  • Involves multistep processes for removing staples, paper clips, sticky notes, etc. before shredding
  • Lack of control and oversight over what is shredded and when

With all the hassles of office shredders, its no wonder confidential documents often end up in the trash can, recycling bin, or dumpster instead of being properly shredded.

A Shredding Service Vendor is Essential to Your Information Security

Document destruction is an important part of any businesses information security program. Often in-house attempts to prevent data breaches cause more harm than good. However, outsourcing your paper shredding can provide a secure solution. Tejoury offers you a variety of paper shredding options to meet your business’ unique legal and compliance requirements:

  • Mobile Shredding Service
  • One-Time Purge or As Needed Shredding Project
  • Scheduled Shred Services
  • Hard Drive and Media Destruction

Tejoury Is Your Security Information Expert

We are committed to being your information security expert. Tejoury will assist our clients in developing policies and procedures to safeguard their businesses and customers. We are proud to provide outstanding service and competitive pricing.

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