Data Tape Storage

Offsite Data Tape Storage   Almost every professional organization will have a disaster recovery backup plan in place. This usually entails keeping a set of backup data tapes in case that the company’s data system gets hacked. Do you have any backup tapes at your office? If that’s the case, where do you keep them?…

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Best Way To Store Your Documents

 Best Way To Store Your Documents   What does archival mean? What are the benefits for archiving? Does Every company need archiving?   All these kinds of questions you might ask, Need answers. But before, ask yourself are my insurance papers, my bank transactions receipts, and my business financial, secured and safe? Even though you…

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Why records management is important?

Row of Records Storage Racks at Tejoury

Why records management is important? Big business or small business does not matter how big your business is. If you collect many records that needs to be kept on. Records management services is a must in such a case. Records Management has become more complex than ever. A lot of businesses are struggling how to…

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